Garden Decoration


It’s time to embellish your terrace, where you’ll enjoy the gorgeous weather and be a frequent destination for pleasant evening conversations! If you would like to make a trendy terrace decoration by adopting a singular style, you’ll take a glance at the suggestions of Damla Mutlu from Vivense Interior Architects.

1. Use your space efficiently with the proper furniture

If you’re one among those that cannot fit inside the house with the nice and cozy weather and spend the entire summer on the terrace, your comfort should be your priority. so as to embellish your terrace during a comfortable and modern way, you ought to first use your space well. you’ll choose a trendy corner set and include a useful table set where you’ll host your guests with the barbecue.

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2. Create a corner of delight with a hammock and swing

The most suitable accessories for open spaces are hammocks and swings. While arranging the terrace, you’ll choose rattan garden swings and hammocks, which are very fashionable lately. It can give a chic touch to the environment with terrace flowers and terrace decorations; you’ll add an enthralling atmosphere to your terrace by using decorative lights.

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3. Create alittle garden with plants

How about moving your garden to the roof terrace? If you would like to embellish a semi-covered terrace, you’ll create a garden stretching to the sky by covering the ground with decorative grass tiles. you’ll take a glance at the garden examples for inspiration for this style. Especially if you’ve got children, this concept is for you to enjoy the gorgeous weather to the fullest!

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4. Get support from different colors

You can make tasteful combinations with throw pillows in several colors and textures that fit your style. you’ll renew the energy of your terrace by choosing pots in several forms for your plants. Whether you would like to make a serene design using neutral colors or add joy and vitality to your terrace with bold colors. Your choice!


Do you spend most of some time at home? So, does one have an apartment with a balcony? Then the simplest thanks to enjoy the gorgeous weather is to embellish your balcony with flowers! Inspired by the suggestions of Melike Zencir from Vivense Interior Architects , you’ll achieve the balcony decoration of your dreams with decorative objects and balcony flowers .

Decoration consistent with Balcony Conditions

When choosing plants, you ought to not forget to think about the conditions of your balcony. If you’ve got a glassed-in balcony that’s shielded from wind, dust and weather , you’ll grow flowers and plants altogether four seasons. On the wide and sunny open balconies, vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers; you’ll grow balcony plants like geranium, hibiscus and even dwarf fruit trees. albeit you’ve got a balcony that receives tons of wind, you’ll place tall plants within the front rows which will block the wind otherwise you can choose windbreaks. If you’ve got a balcony that does not get much light, you’ll paint the walls white. White walls will act as reflectors, allowing plants to receive more light.

Positioning of Pots and Plants

Small accidents may occur in narrow balconies as there’s an area restriction. to stop this, you ought to avoid placing small pots on the ground or on the cocktail table . As an alternate , you’ll consider pot holders which will be fixed to the wall. otherwise you can place free standing flower pots within the corners. you’ll hang plants like the love ladder and succulent species from the ceiling with hanging flower pots.

Outdoor Trends of 2021

Colorful flower pots lined abreast of the wall panels are one among the outdoor trends of this year! Another decoration trend is bamboo separators. By placing bamboo separators along the sides of the balcony, you’ll both create shadow areas and supply design integrity on your balcony. Stone and brick textured walls, which also are among the 2021 trends, also will add a trendy touch to your space.

Choosing the proper Plant

In addition to details like pot and soil selection, it’s also vital that balcony plants grow within the right conditions. for instance , if you purchased a plant that doesn’t like sunlight and your balcony gets tons of sun, you’ll not achieve success in growing the plant during a healthy way. For this reason, it’s necessary to understand the plants and choose accordingly. If your balcony doesn’t receive much sun, you’ll grow plants that love shade areas like rhododendron, sycamore viburnum, small Periwinkle and have a balcony where you’ll feel the spring freshness.


With the warming of the weather, the barbecue season has opened! Barbecue, which is an important activity especially in summer places, requires a touch of mastery also as fun. during this article, we’ve brought together tips which will be useful in barbecue meetings accompanying pleasant summer conversations. you’ll discover all the tricks of the barbecue with the suggestions of personal Chef Melike Hoşgelen!

Choosing the proper Barbecue

One of the foremost important details to think about when buying a barbecue is to make a decision on the proper barbecue size. it’s vital to settle on the proper barbecue consistent with the dimensions of the balcony, garden or terrace. does one have an outsized family? what percentage people does one decide to host? what percentage times every week does one want to barbecue? Your answers to those questions will directly affect the selection of barbecue. additionally , the very fact that the barbecue has wheels and a canopy will provide you comfort. having the ability to vary its place when necessary and controlling the temperature because of its cover will make your life easier.

Fuel Types

There are 3 differing types of barbecue: charcoal, gas and electric. generally , charcoal barbecues are preferred in terms of taste. If you’ve got a charcoal barbecue, you would like to form sure you employ the proper charcoal. The difference in flavor between any charcoal and therefore the charcoal suitable for your barbecue will surprise you!

Gas and electric barbecues fit perfectly into modern life because of their simple use. With this sort of barbecue, you’ll adjust the warmth just like the professionals, and if you employ the proper cooking techniques, you’ll get very delicious results. you’ll easily use gas and electric barbecues on your terrace and balcony, in short, in city life.

Right Heat and Right Time

We have to twiddling my thumbs once we barbecue. Whatever sort of meat or vegetables you’re cooking, your barbecue should be at the acceptable temperature.

You shouldn’t rush to start out cooking the ingredients before your barbecue is warm. If you’re employing a charcoal barbecue, the charcoal should become embers.
For delicious and juicy meats, you ought to take your meat out of the fridge 20-30 minutes before cooking and convey it to temperature .
You should ask a thermometer whether the meat is cooked or not. this is often how you recognize the proper time.
For thinly sliced meats like grilled entrecote, cutlet, you ought to cook for a brief time at high heat.
You will achieve the simplest grilling results when the interior temperature of lamb steaks and other pieces of lamb meat is 60 °C. If you’re cooking lamb chops, you’ll wrap the bone ends in aluminium foil in order that they don’t burn.
Internal breast temperature for chickens or turkeys is 75 °C; The temperature of the thickest a part of the thighs should be 80 ° C. While checking the temperature with a thermometer, you ought to not touch the bone. this may cause you to urge the incorrect result.
Since fish and seafood cook quickly, you ought to not leave the barbecue. you ought to confirm that you simply oil your fish well in order that the fish meat doesn’t stick with the wire.
Vegetables cook quickly at medium heat. That’s why it’s good to stay your eyes on the barbecue again!

Cooking and Smoking

You should definitely not play with the meat you place on the grill, and you ought to not move it an excessive amount of . Let the meat be sealed, without loss of water and flavor. If you progress it early, your meat may stick and disintegrate .

If you’re cooking a thick or boney meat, you’ll prevent heat loss by closing the lid.
You must rest your meat. After removing the thin-sliced meat from the hearth , you’ll rest it for a minimum of 2-3 minutes, and therefore the thicker pieces for a minimum of 10 minutes. during this way, the juice and flavors of the meat will disperse within the meat and can retain its moisture when cut.
After slicing the meat, you’ll season it with sea salt, freshly ground black pepper, dry or fresh spices and serve.
He can smoke his meat, chicken and vegetables with apple, cherry and plum wood chips; you’ll get delicious results because of the smoked flavors.
You can also grill fruits like pineapple, banana, and peach, serve with frozen dessert and shut the barbecue with a sweet ending!

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Cleaning and Maintenance of the BBQ

Before and after the barbecue, it’s vital for your health to concentrate to its care and cleaning. This maintenance also will extend the lifetime of the barbecue. you’ll easily clean the residues on your barbecue from the recent grill with special barbecue brushes. you ought to also clean and replace the oil collection containers regularly. you’ll clean the enamel and exterior barbecue parts with a special barbecue cleaner. you ought to clean the cast grill parts by hand, not put them within the dishwasher.


Balconies, which are indispensable for the summer season; It creates a pleasing environment for having an honest time, hosting guests and long coffee chats! so as to form this area more enjoyable and impressive, it’s vital to use the proper lighting. Inspired by the lighting suggestions of Helin Tahincioğlu, one among the Vivense Interior Architects, you can also have a sparkling balcony!

In order to settle on the proper balcony lighting, you would like to first decide how you want to spend time on your balcony. for instance , if you employ your balcony for pleasant dinners, you’ll get stronger light because of the pendant chandeliers. you’ll choose Paille Jute Pendant Lamp with a bohemian style as a balcony chandelier, otherwise you can choose another chandelier model suitable for your style from .

If your balcony may be a place where you’ll get obviate the tiredness of the day and spend a pleasing and peaceful time, dim lighting which will tire your eyes less and alter the atmosphere of the environment is simply for you!

Even if you favor an alternate use, you’ll change the atmosphere of the environment and make a romantic atmosphere with decorative lighting that you simply can place next to candles, lanterns, flowers and plants.

If you would like to make a relaxed environment on your balcony, you’ll address pastel tones. you’ll add a contemporary air to your balcony by employing a metal chandelier, otherwise you can catch a bohemian atmosphere with wicker and rattan lighting!


It is vital that the doorway halls, which give the primary clues about the decoration sort of our house, have an inviting design. If you think that that you simply don’t have an outsized enough space to style a spacious and heartwarming hallway, you’ll create a trendy and spacious welcoming area, inspired by the narrow hallway decoration suggestions of Mehmet Zahid Özdemir, one among the Vivense Interior Architects!

1. Use light colors

One of the simplest ways to point out a narrow space wide is to use light colors within the space. you’ll have a larger-looking hallway by choosing white or pastel tones on your walls and furniture.

2. Choose the proper furniture

One of the most mistakes made when designing small spaces is to settle on furniture that’s not suitable for the space. If a narrow hallway to the present restricted area which will bring even greater unusable coat rack or cloakroom should avoid use. you’ll meet your storage needs with wall hangers or dumb butlers that take up less space and add elegance to your space with a minimalist design dresuar .

3. concentrate to the utilization of lighting

Entrances, often inaccessible to natural light, can become a dark and suffocating place if not properly lit. For this reason, you’ll create a spacious space perception with lighting that’s suitable for the dimensions of the space and shut to the natural light color .

4. Add depth to the space by using mirrors

You can add depth to your space by choosing mirrors, which are one among the most important saviors of narrow spaces . If you would like to feature a more artistic touch to the doorway decoration, you ought to not forget that you simply can create an equivalent effect with bright framed paintings.

5. Use wall shelves

Both the ornamental items also as you’ll play to satisfy the storage needs with shelves can move to the ground spaces. The asymmetrical designs that you simply will use on the light-colored walls will add an aesthetic appearance to the training.


Plants are undoubtedly one among the foremost important complements of an honest decoration style. Sometimes it are often difficult to stay the plants alive and take time for his or her care, which both color the world and renew the energy of the environment. Succulents , which are very trendy in recent years , add an aesthetic touch to living spaces and supply simple care with their effortless care. If you would like to feature vitality to your home, you’ll take a glance at succulent types and care suggestions with the suggestions of Buse Naz Güner, one among the Vivense Interior Architects .

Succulents , which are frequently encountered both within the workplace and reception recently , are among the plants that are very easy to worry for, because of their ability to gather water in their leaves, stems and roots. There are thousands of species of succulents belonging to quite 25 plant families, which even have the feature of neutralizing the radiation within the environment. we’ve brought together the foremost preferred sorts of succulents and their care tips for you!


Echeveria, which is one among the foremost preferred species in homes and workplaces recently, may be a very stylish complement with its colors. you ought to confine mind that you simply should irrigate regularly in order that the soil is slightly moist within the summer, and you ought to reduce the watering within the winter and irrigate rarely.

Aloe vera

You should not expose it to direct sunlight while growing burn plant , which is one among the foremost preferred species in its habitat . Before watering, you ought to lookout to see the soil and if the soil is dry, you ought to concentrate to watering.

Senecio Rowleyanus

Senecio Rowleyanus, which adds dynamism to living spaces with its appearance, gives new roots from the places that touch the bottom and continues its growth, because it may be a climbing and spreading plant. When the roots of the plant get stronger and begin to grow, you’ll position it during a high place and make it suitable for sagging.

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Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana

This succulent species , like violet , adds a special beauty to homes with its vibrantly colored flowers. This species, which you’ll easily grow in your home, balcony and garden, is among the plants that need many sun. Since the necessity for water is low, it’ll be sufficient to irrigate every 7-8 days every week in summer and each 15-20 days in winter months.

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Haworthia Fasciata

It is one among the succulent species that needs the smallest amount water and maintenance . thanks to the low probability of harboring disease, it grows and multiplies during a healthy way for several years. the foremost suitable pot type for Haworthia Fasciata, which grows transversely because it’s dwarf , is brief and wide ones.

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How to Propagate Succulent?
Step 1

Carefully tear away the leaves of your succulents on the brink of the bottom and take care to not damage the stem while doing this.

step 2

Make sure there are not any leaves on the stem and with sterile scissors, cut the flowering a part of the succulents from the stem from which you took the leaves. As you continue together with your root watering routine, you’ll see new succulents forming.

Step 3

Leave the leaves you narrow and therefore the flowers you narrow in room conditions for 1 day then leave them on a moist soil.

Step 4

The tiny succulents that emerge within 2 weeks are going to be fed from the leaf they originally emerged from. once you see that the leaf rots over time, you’ll plant it within the ground.