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The thanks to add a special atmosphere to the lebensraum is thru decorative pillows. Although the utilization of pillows could seem like an insignificant detail, if used correctly, it certainly gives the decoration a fresh identity! Büşra Addition, one among the Vivense Interior Architects, shares the subtleties of using decorative pillows by making suggestions from the Vivense Collection pillow selection consisting of various patterns and colours .

Cushion preference consistent with the place

If you spend most of your day in your front room , you’ll combine your armchairs with both stylish and functional throw pillows. For this, you’ll choose soft filled and cozy pillows. If you would like to form a striking touch, you’ll use different sizes of throw pillows together.

Choosing the proper color

When choosing a cushion , you ought to consider the colour of your furniture and even your accessories. If you’ve got a clear and monochromatic room, you’ll create contrast by choosing pillows in several colors. Especially if light tones are dominant in your decoration, you’ll add vitality to the space by using dark and patterned throw pillows.

Different cushion styles

You can get an eclectic look by blending the throw pillows you select consistent with your personal taste and decoration style with different styles. for instance , if you’ve got an easy and minimal space, you’ll add movement and vitality to the environment with warm and dark colored throw pillows.

Shiny and flashy details

If you’re in favor of a more elegant and flashy style, bright textured cushions in vibrant colors are going to be the proper choice for you. a crucial tip; you’ll reinforce the flicker in your lebensraum by combining throw pillows of an equivalent color but with different patterns!


While we were talking about the epidemic, restrictions, performing from home, we stayed faraway from our gyms and our daily mobility decreased unintentionally. But don’t despair, this era will pass! When all this is often left behind, we’ve a really good formula for you to return to normal as a healthier you. Sports and Health Coach Aslı Kolçak brought together simple adaptations you’ll do reception for a healthy workspace and exercise suggestions which will keep you active throughout the day for the Vivense Blog.

Edit Workspace

You probably had an ergonomic work environment at work, and you never thought you’d work such long hours reception . so as to feel good about ourselves, it’s vital to form our working environment suitable for our body. because of the right sitting, it’s possible to attenuate the strain and pain within the body. Therefore, within the natural sitting position, you ought to specialise in correct alignment (posture).

You should sit down with the load evenly distributed over your hip bones.
The knees should be at a 90-degree angle, not above the hip , and therefore the angle on the table should be 90 degrees when the elbows are bent.
You should not neglect to take a seat upright at the desk, but sitting like this all day are often a touch difficult. Therefore, you’ll support the natural curves of the spine with an orthopedic pillow. additionally , the foremost important explanation for neck pain is leaning towards the screen. it’s vital that the pc screen is at eye level. you’ll raise your screen with the supports you set thereunder .

The muscles in our hip , which are liable for the balance of our body, become lazy once we sit for an extended time. Simply put, they forget their functionality and nod off . For this reason, you’ll do a number of your work sitting down, while a number of it are often done standing or on a pilates ball with an elevated laptop stand on your desk. Rest assured, you’ll feel more active and fit!

After making small touches suitable for ourselves in our work area, we’d like to put our most vital accessory. during this period once we got to be very careful about our health, we should always concentrate to water consumption. By drinking 2-2.5 liters of water each day , we will get obviate toxins and run our body functions at the very best level. If you say you forget, you’ll download an application which will remind you to drink water on your phone, and you’ll make your jug an important accessory on the table.

Take Exercise Breaks

Now that our workspace has become convenient for us, we will incorporate stretching exercise breaks that we will neutralize our chair into our routine.

Before you start;

If you’ve got a chronic or medical disease, we should always remind you that you simply should definitely consult your doctor before applying stretching movements, which exercises aren’t a diagnosis or treatment method.
If you’ve got muscle stiffness, pain, spasm on the day of your workout, or feel offended that day, you should not roll in the hay until you’re well.
Apart from these, the exercises we recommend are suitable for the practice of healthy individuals of all ages.
If you’re ready, let’s get started!


Your feet should get on the bottom ,
The weight should be evenly distributed on the hips,
Your belly is inside
With your shoulders back, in line together with your ears,
The shoulder blades are approximate ,
Your head should be parallel to the bottom , facing forward.
2. NECK STRENGTH (15 seconds / 2 reps)

Begin the movement during a natural sitting position.
Keep your head parallel to the bottom , facing forward.
Flex your head towards your shoulder.
You can gently support it together with your hand.
When you feel a small stretch, hold for 15 seconds.
Slowly return to the starting position.

Begin the movement during a natural sitting position.
Bend your elbows and clasp your hands behind your head.
Gently bring your shoulder blades closer together and push your elbows back.
Don’t forget to breathe throughout the movement.
4. SPINE MOVEMENT (8 reps)

Begin the movement during a natural sitting position.
Position your hands on your knees.
Inhale by opening your chest, stretching your body.
As you exhale, roll your back, looking toward your stomach.
Resume the movement slowly.
5. SHOULDER AND BACK-ARMS STRETCH (15 seconds / 2 reps)

Begin the movement during a natural sitting position.
Raise your arm from the shoulder area parallel to your body.
With your other arm, support the elbow area and gently push it towards your chest.
When you feel a small stretch, hold for 15 seconds.
Slowly return to the starting position.
Do an equivalent steps on the opposite side.
6. SHOULDER AND BACK ARM STRETCH (15 seconds / 2 reps)

Begin the movement during a natural sitting position.
Lift both arms up.
Gently flex the arm that you simply have broken, helping from the elbow area.
Raise the arms within the air and perform the movement to the opposite .
Do not neglect to breathe during the movement.
7. WRIST STRENGTH (15 seconds / 2 reps)

Begin the movement during a natural sitting position.
Raise your arm at shoulder level.
Have palms facing forward as if making a “stop” sign.
With your other hand, gently flex your fingers towards yourself.
When you feel a small stretch, hold for 15 seconds.
Slowly return to the starting position.
Apply to the opposite side.

Begin the movement during a natural sitting position.
Keep your head upright.
Inhale and lift your shoulders towards your ears.
Hold for 2-3 seconds and release slowly.
When you abandoning of your shoulders, you’ll feel the strain decrease.
Slowly return to the starting position.
9. BODY ROTATION (15 seconds / 2 reps)

Begin the movement during a natural sitting position.
Inhale and return to the rear of the chair.
Let your back arm support your spine to remain upright.
You can deepen the movement by supporting your knee within the direction you’re stretching.
Slowly return to the starting position and repeat the exercise on the opposite side.
Remember to breathe throughout the exercise.
Perform 2 times for 15 seconds on all sides .
10. BACK LEG STRENGTH (15 seconds / 2 reps)

Begin the movement during a natural sitting position.
Extend one leg simple .
Lean forward at the waist, keeping your back straight.
When you feel a small extension within the back of the leg, stay therein position.
Keep your neck straight, following your spine.
Remember to breathe throughout the exercise.
Slowly return to the starting position.
Perform 2 times for 15 seconds on all sides .
11. HIP STRENGTH (15 seconds / 2 reps)

Begin the movement during a natural sitting position.
Put your right ankle on your left knee.
Keep your hands on the ankles and knees of your right leg.
Lean forward at the waist, keeping your back straight.
Keep your neck straight, following your spine.
Slowly return to the starting position.
Remember to breathe throughout the exercise.
Perform 2 times for 15 seconds on all sides .
12. INNER LEG STRENGTH (15 seconds / 2 reps)

Begin the movement during a natural sitting position.
Open your leg to the side 90 degrees.
Stay within the position where you are feeling a small extension in your inner leg.
You can gently support the flexed leg together with your ipsilateral hand.
Remember to breathe throughout the exercise.
Slowly return to the starting position.
It is useful to concentrate to the subsequent items while performing the exercises:


To reduce the effect of prolonged sitting, short but frequent breaks should be taken.


The purpose of stretching movements is to feel a small extension and to supply openness. you ought to hold your position gently, avoiding excessive movements and force.


Flexibility differs from person to person. Therefore, your goal should be your own development over time.


Pay attention to the time within the position and equal treatment on each side . Between 15-30 seconds will suffice.


Regular and consistent exercise benefits quite duration.


Wardrobes, which are indispensable for bedrooms, are one among the life-saving pieces with their different functions and storage areas. However, there are many criteria to be considered when choosing wardrobes, which are as important as their functionality as their elegance. If you’re trying to find a wardrobe model consistent with the dimensions and decoration sort of your bedroom , you’ll take a glance at the suggestions of Beste Kılıç from Vivense Interior Architects!

Space and Wardrobe Size

In order to settle on the proper wardrobe, you want to first take the size of the space then choose the size of the wardrobe . When measuring, you ought to take care to not miss the skirting detail. If you’ve got alittle bedroom, you’ll prefer alittle but functional wardrobe. If you are doing not have enough space for the dresser, you’ll make space for your belongings by choosing a chest of drawers.

Light Colored and Mirrored Wardrobes

Another trick to use small bedrooms more efficiently is to settle on light-colored and mirrored wardrobes. you’ll make your room look wider with a light-colored cabinet, otherwise you can add depth to the space by choosing a mirrored cabinet. additionally , a mirrored wardrobe will eliminate the necessity for a full-length mirror .

Sliding Door Wardrobes

Again, in narrow bedrooms , by choosing a sliding wardrobe rather than hinged doors, you’ll eliminate the door opening distance and thus use your space more efficiently. additionally , the one-piece appearance of the door cabinets will help the space look more organized.

Modular and Open Wardrobes

If you’ve got an outsized bedroom, you’ll choose modular cabinets that provide a good area of use because of the deep corner module, and you’ll add or remove the module you would like consistent with your needs. If you would like to make a more modern and practical decoration style, a modular open wardrobe are going to be the proper choice.

Cabinet Lighting

It is very difficult to settle on clothes in dark rooms that don’t receive enough light. If you’ve got a bedroom that doesn’t receive daylight, you’ll use interior lighting to form your choices easier. you’ll choose a cupboard with LED lights, otherwise you can add lights to your shelves and hangers later.


Vintage designs, which are the blending of the past with this , are one among the prominent decoration trends of each period. Frequently preferred in bedrooms, vintage designs create a nostalgic atmosphere by bringing natural textures and pastel colors to living spaces. If you would like to style a bedroom during a vintage style, you’ll take a glance at the decoration suggestions of Fatih Kaplan, one among the Vivense Interior Architects!

‘Vintage’ are often defined because the use of old items by blending them with today’s ideas. Vintage decoration style is typically amid old items and reflecting the characteristic features of a particular period to the decoration is a crucial detail.

1. Use pastel colors

If you would like to reflect the vintage decoration style in your bedroom, you’ll prefer pastel tones instead of lively and bright colors. Major colors; white, earth tones, pastel orange, green and blue tones. you’ll support this style with a vintage wardrobe, patterned carpets, pillows and tables.

2. Choose a metal or wooden bed frame

Vintage bedroom decoration metal iron can use a cot or a crib by choosing solid wood can complete the vintage style.

3. Strengthen your vintage style with details

You can use aged wood or rattan nightstands, consoles and vintage dressers to support your vintage style. If you’ve got enough space, you’ll add an armchair to a corner to relax or read a book and make a special area for yourself. you’ll support this space you created with wicker baskets and plants.

4. Refresh the space with mirrors and lightweight colors

If you would like to point out the space more spacious and wider, you’ll use vintage-inspired mirrors. If you favor an easier look in your living area, a white-dominated vintage bedroom decoration is for you!


Consoles, which are stylish and functional complements of home decoration, are indispensable for dining rooms . If you would like to vary the atmosphere of the dining room, you’ll start with the console selection! If you’re trying to find a console model which will integrate together with your decoration style , you’ll take a glance at the decoration suggestions of Melis Özdemir, one among the Vivense Interior Architects.

While you’ll enliven the classic console models with decorative products, you’ll also keep the tableware on the inner shelves because of the massive storage areas. during this way, you’ll have dinnerware at hand while preparing a singular presentation for your guests.

If you’ve got a narrow dining room, you’ll address more functional designs. Preferring consoles with drawers and shelves are going to be a practical solution for your excess items. you ought to not forget that with a mirror you’ll position on the console, you’ll add depth to your space and make your space appear wider.

The important thing in choosing a console is that the designs you select appeal to your needs and therefore the shape of the space . you’ll design a cushty area and switch mealtime into pleasure with its large chamber and simply accessible consoles.

For a pleasing dining experience , it’s important that the dining room has stylish pieces also as being functional. For a more elegant touch, you’ll display your dinnerware in specially designed silver showcases, and obtain a robust decoration style with the proper buffet and console models you favor .


Get ready to vary the entire atmosphere of your home with our recommendations on armchair decoration! Rabia Aldemir, one among the Vivense Interior Architects, brought together everything you would like to think about when choosing a easy chair for the Vivense Blog.

The Chief Complement of front room Decoration

You can choose fabrics of various textures and colours within the easy chair , which is that the main complement of the front room decoration. If you’re getting to position it next to an outsized piece like a triple sofa, you’ll choose a classic easy chair model in softer and simpler colors. albeit you would like the easy chair to be the eye-catching a part of your decoration, you’ll use a easy chair set in vibrant colors like tile, mustard and petrol green.

Must Have Reading Corners

If you would like to make a cushty reading corner within the work area, the foremost important complement of this corner are going to be the easy chair . If you’re in favor of an industrial decoration style, you’ll position an armchair with metal legs, which speaks an equivalent language, right ahead of a bookcase with a metal frame and walnut veneer . Although domestic side of the sector to strengthen the armchair comfort of a minimal standard lamps and side tables can put.

Single Comfort

If comfort may be a must for you, you’ll choose a contemporary armchair within the sort of a pouf in your front room . you’ll create a warm atmosphere by using this sort of armchair in your garden or balcony at an equivalent time.

Wood Elegance within the Office

You can use minimal berjer models that impress with their style in offices or public areas. Wooden armchairs which will adapt to the space and make a vintage atmosphere are going to be the proper choice for the office. With this sort of armchairs, you’ll also reflect the mid century style to your decoration.

Comfort and Showdown Together

If you would like to capture comfort and elegance together, you’ll choose an artistic movement style armchair. you’ll add a trendy touch to the lebensraum with brass details, pastel tones and geometric forms.


Showing the toilet , which is typically one among the littlest areas of the house, stylish and spacious is really much easier than you think! If you would like to urge a toilet decoration that’s both useful and classy , you’ll take a glance at the suggestions we’ve prepared for you!

1. Prefer light colors

For an accurate bathroom design, you want to first choose the colours you’ll use. If you would like to possess a more spacious and clean look in your bathroom, you’ll choose light colors. If you’ve got a narrow space, you ought to avoid using patterned ceramics which will make your bathroom look smaller and more suffocating.

2. Bring the heat of wood to your bathroom

You can choose solid bathroom cabinets to realize a hotter and more natural look in bathroom decoration . you’ll get a trendy decoration style by combining solid cabinets, which you’ll prefer especially in large bathrooms, with wicker baskets and plants.

3. Add elegance to your walls

If you would like to travel beyond the classical, you’ll use water and moisture resistant wallpapers rather than ceramics on the toilet walls. For a more functional design, bathroom wall shelves are going to be the proper choice. you ought to not forget that you simply can add depth to your space by choosing these shelves, which permit you to store your belongings in an organized way, in geometric forms.

4. concentrate to the selection of lighting

Another important issue in bathroom decoration is that the right lighting selection. you ought to avoid over or under lighting and choose a lighting suitable for the dimensions of your space. For this, additionally to ceiling lighting , you’ll enjoy fluorescents placed on the sides of the mirror .

5. Supplement your decoration with accessories

If you would like to feature some movement to your bathroom that you simply designed with soft colors, you’ll use accessories in vibrant colors. you ought to lookout that decorative products like bath mats , towel holders , soap dispensers are pieces that complement the design . you’ll also make some time during this area far more enjoyable by placing wooden candle holders , incense holders or plants in your bathroom.



Curtains , one among the foremost important complements of decoration , are an important part for kitchens also as in every area of the house. so as to form this place where we spend most of our time stylish and functional, it’s vital to settle on the proper curtain model. If you would like to finish your kitchen decoration with an accurate and useful curtain, you’ll take a glance at the suggestions of İrem Aşkın Bora, one among the Vivense Interior Architects.

1. Choose curtains suitable for your space

When choosing a kitchen curtain, you ought to lookout to settle on a model suitable for the world of use. If you’ve got alittle kitchen, you’ll choose curtains in light tones which will make your space look wider than it’s . If you would like to possess a softer look, you’ll use soft cut curtains. In kitchens with large areas, you’ll address slightly more eye-catching designs. For this, you’ll choose shirred curtain models and add an aesthetic touch to your kitchen.

2. cash in of daylight

As in many areas of the house, it’s vital to form enough use of daylight within the kitchen. you’ll make the time you spend during this area far more productive by choosing tulle curtains , which can both illuminate your space during a natural way and add elegance to your decoration style with its soft appearance .

3. Choose functional designs

For a hygienic and safe kitchen design, choosing a dirt-proof and easy-to-clean zebra blind or window shade will provide you with great convenience. Zebra curtains, which are especially suitable for brief distances above the kitchen counter , also are very sensitive to heat.

4. Bring your kitchen to life

You can choose patterned curtains for a fun and lively kitchen design . Especially the fruit patterns that overlap with the kitchen theme will make the cooking and preparation process enjoyable and can allow you to urge an inspiring kitchen design .

5. Complete your style with rustic curtains

Rustic curtains with wood, metal and brass details are going to be the proper choice for those that want to feature a classy air to their kitchen. These curtain models , which are especially preferred in summer houses and country houses , will allow you to make an ingenious style with their natural appearance. Rustic curtain , which is usually preferred in country decoration style , is additionally an important piece for contemporary kitchen decorations .


If you would like an easy change in your bathroom, you’ll start with the toilet wall decoration. Going beyond the classical designs, the wallpapers you’ll prefer will add a contemporary atmosphere to your bathroom and can also assist you get a clean and practical space. If you would like to style a trendy bathroom , you’ll take a glance at the toilet wallpaper decoration suggestions prepared by Buse Doğu from Vivense Interior Architects.

Add a special Air to Your Bathroom

The first materials used for bathrooms, which are usually small and have limited space, are often ceramic or marble. you’ll change the entire atmosphere of the toilet by choosing wallpapers, which are a replacement and modern alternative to those materials, which are preferred so as to avoid damage from water contact in wet areas . Waterproof bathroom wallpapers and vinyl wallpapers will provide a trendy and practical solution for your bathroom while eliminating your worries.

Correct Color and Pattern Selection

If you’ve got a narrow bathroom, you’ll choose wallpapers in pastel tones to form your space look wider and more spacious than it’s . you’ll also add depth to your space with geometric patterned bathroom wallpapers. For an outsized bathroom, floral patterned wallpapers will assist you achieve a fun and heartwarming look in your bathroom.

Highlight one Area

Covering all the walls of the toilet with an equivalent wallpaper can make the space look a touch stifling. For this reason, it might be more accurate to use a wallpaper with the colour and pattern you would like during a single area that you simply want to spotlight . Especially if you’ve got a toilet with an easy decoration, choosing a wallpaper with vibrant colors during a single area will add movement to your space.

Combine Different Materials

If you would like to possess a more balanced look in your bathroom, you’ll combine the wallpaper you favor in warm colors with the cold look of ceramic. For this, you’ll apply wallpaper on a particular wall height and use ceramic-based materials on the lower parts. Thus, you’ll both make your bathroom look larger than it’s and add a special atmosphere to your bathroom.


Most of our lives are spent in our homes and that we all dream of a cushty home where we will relieve the tiredness of the day. Tiny House, which has been very fashionable in recent years, allows us to possess houses that are very efficient in small spaces. If you would like to possess a minimalist house which will meet your expectations perfectly and achieve maximum efficiency with less furniture , you’ll take a glance at the suggestions of Anıl Akdeniz from Vivense Interior Architects!

What is a small House?

Tiny House expresses minimal and environmentalist living spaces where you’ll get maximum efficiency with less furniture. These houses, which are especially preferred by those that want to be closer to nature and obtain faraway from the town , allow you to bring the peace you discover in nature to your home. If you would like to style a house in accordance with the small House philosophy, you’ll start by choosing materials that are compatible with nature and don’t harm the environment.

Tiny House Decoration

It is vital to incorporate functional furniture so as to use the space efficiently in Tiny Houses, which are quite small. Which at a minimum level in terms of width seats , wood detailed armchair on , simply designed furnishings feel the atmosphere of nature, both will help in using both space efficient will offer faraway from the mess and clean-cut appearance.

Small Space Furniture

It is vital that you simply use functional furniture that takes up little space in kitchen decoration. For this, you’ll choose kitchen tables that you simply can mount on the wall and chairs that take up little space made from natural materials .

An Eco-Friendly House

You can also use natural materials in lighting elements to feel the sustainability of nature in every area of the house. you’ll get a soft look with an easy and functional chandelier or lamp . additionally , giving an area to plants in your home, choosing a wicker or jute carpet is indispensable for a peaceful, calm and nature-friendly home design.