Do you spend most of some time at home? So, does one have an apartment with a balcony? Then the simplest thanks to enjoy the gorgeous weather is to embellish your balcony with flowers! Inspired by the suggestions of Melike Zencir from Vivense Interior Architects , you’ll achieve the balcony decoration of your dreams with decorative objects and balcony flowers .

Decoration consistent with Balcony Conditions

When choosing plants, you ought to not forget to think about the conditions of your balcony. If you’ve got a glassed-in balcony that’s shielded from wind, dust and weather , you’ll grow flowers and plants altogether four seasons. On the wide and sunny open balconies, vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers; you’ll grow balcony plants like geranium, hibiscus and even dwarf fruit trees. albeit you’ve got a balcony that receives tons of wind, you’ll place tall plants within the front rows which will block the wind otherwise you can choose windbreaks. If you’ve got a balcony that does not get much light, you’ll paint the walls white. White walls will act as reflectors, allowing plants to receive more light.

Positioning of Pots and Plants

Small accidents may occur in narrow balconies as there’s an area restriction. to stop this, you ought to avoid placing small pots on the ground or on the cocktail table . As an alternate , you’ll consider pot holders which will be fixed to the wall. otherwise you can place free standing flower pots within the corners. you’ll hang plants like the love ladder and succulent species from the ceiling with hanging flower pots.

Outdoor Trends of 2021

Colorful flower pots lined abreast of the wall panels are one among the outdoor trends of this year! Another decoration trend is bamboo separators. By placing bamboo separators along the sides of the balcony, you’ll both create shadow areas and supply design integrity on your balcony. Stone and brick textured walls, which also are among the 2021 trends, also will add a trendy touch to your space.

Choosing the proper Plant

In addition to details like pot and soil selection, it’s also vital that balcony plants grow within the right conditions. for instance , if you purchased a plant that doesn’t like sunlight and your balcony gets tons of sun, you’ll not achieve success in growing the plant during a healthy way. For this reason, it’s necessary to understand the plants and choose accordingly. If your balcony doesn’t receive much sun, you’ll grow plants that love shade areas like rhododendron, sycamore viburnum, small Periwinkle and have a balcony where you’ll feel the spring freshness.