Ibiza island… Discover the main tourist spots in Ibiza, one of the most famous islands in the world for its electronic music parties and paradisiacal beaches. The dream of many Americans, Spaniards and most Europeans is to visit the most famous island in Spain, Ibiza. The city is known worldwide for its incredible discos, parties, international electronic music festivals, beaches and, also, for being a paradise for those who want to have fun. Located in the Balearic Islands, east of Valencia, the island is bathed by the Mediterranean Sea. Next, we show you some of the main tourist spots on the island to visit.

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Ibiza island and Best Ibiza Night Clubs

Best Ibiza night clubs. The island is very renowned for its electronic scene, do not miss its excellent clubs and bars, to enjoy Ibiza. The most renowned and lively clubs are; the Space, Privilege, Amnesia, Eden, Pacha and Es Paradis. However, it is not only during the night that there is effervescence. There are a wide variety of excellent beach bars that also fill the island with life, such as Sa Trinxa in Ses Salines, El Bigote in Cala Mastella and Chiringuito in Benirras. Ibiza clubs are really very exciting.

Ibiza Island center

The island was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1999 due to its biodiversity and culture. There are several archaeological sites, which show the importance of the Mediterranean Sea from the Phoenician period to the present. The upper area, called Alta Vila, is another impressive point of the city, where they are; the Cathedral of Ibiza, the Castle and the Municipal Chamber. There is also the Archaeological Museum of Ibiza, which has a rich collection of Carthaginian, Phoenician and Roman objects. In addition to the exhibition of these objects, you have access to the necropolis from the Phoenician-Carthaginian era.

Ibıza Island and Ibiza beach

The beaches are one of the main tourist spots on the Island. Also known as Calas, and the most famous are Cala Longa, La Salinas, Talamanca and Cala Tarida. Although the whole island is full of people, mainly in the high season, you have several options, if you want quieter beaches, it is worth going to know the north of San Antonio, where Cala Salada is located. A useful tip is to verify very well, where to stay in Ibiza. Although the island is not that big, it is worth booking the hotel in advance and knowing which is the best region of the island to stay. Also, Ibiza beach club is amazing!

Round trip to Formentera

Formentera is not in Ibiza, however, it is another island of the Balearic Islands, it is another attraction that is part of the itinerary of those who visit Ibiza. Many people decide to go to Ibiza first, since it is the most famous and then it is worth knowing Formentera. To get to the smallest island of the Balearic archipelago from Ibiza, just go to the Port of Ibiza and from there to La Savina, the boat trip is great and lasts only 25 minutes.

Es Canar Market

Urban markets are another attraction on the island. The Es Canar Market is the main and most traditional market, which has been in operation since 1973. It brings together more than 500 artisans who display their creations, arts and jewelry to tourists.

Santa Gertrudis town in Ibiza

Santa Gertrudis is a nice town full of white houses in Ibiza. A town full of traditions, bars, restaurants and shops, which are concentrated in the center of Santa Gertrudis. Due to having received so much immigration, the city also had a great growth, which is evident in the new houses that are being built, as in the more modern bars and restaurants, which contrast with the traditional establishments of the island. The town became famous for its “sandwiches”, so take advantage of the visit and try some (the best are tomato and oil filled with cheese and Serrano ham). The bar is frequented by many artists who in bohemian times exchanged their paintings and art for food and drink.

Island of Es Vedrá in Ibiza

The Island of Es Vedrá has a height of 387 meters and was formerly attached to the island of Ibiza. However, since the two separated, it is said that Es Vedrá obtained a very large accumulation of energy and properties. It is one of the most magical places in Ibiza, where many people create legends or claim to have seen UFOs. Many researchers also claim that the properties of Es Vedrá are similar to those of the »Bermuda Triangle». There is also a legend of the »Giant d’es Vedrá», which says that there on the island there was a giant monster that fed on octopuses and prevented them from getting close to the island.

Tagomago Island

The island of Tagomago is an important tourist spot in Ibiza, a place that is located near the municipality of Santa Eulalia, one of the most touristy and frequented towns in Ibiza. It has a port in the west and a lantern in the extreme southeast. That lantern is its main attraction, even for the naval activities that take place between Ibiza, Palma de Mayorca and Barcelona. It is the only private island in the Balearic Islands, and belongs to the Montero Family, which owns a company called Tagomago S.A. The island is renowned for a long time, where Bob Marley and Rolling Stones concerts were held. Today it is famous, because various actors and soccer players usually travel there to spend their vacations, in the only villa that was built in the place, a kind of resort.

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