Office decoration ideas and the Effect of Colors Business owners prefer to have their Workplace decorated in a modern way to keep up with rapidly changing and developing conditions. So much so that nowadays, workplace decoration is an issue that needs to be emphasized and paid attention both to leave a pleasant impression in the eyes of customers and to the performance of employees. In this article, we will talk about some new ideas and make suggestions to help you decorate your workplace. We will try to make the ideas and suggestions we will mention more understandable with decoration examples. If you are ready to decorate your workplace with us, now we can get started.

1. Workstation Decoration Competition Ideas

     For workstation decoration competition ideas, first of all, the use of correct color is one of the most important points in a workplace decoration work. For example; When you examine the colors used by big companies in both the logo and the workplaces, you will see that none of them randomly choose those colors.

Think of the colors of big brands such as Burger King, McDonalds, Google, Coco-Cola,, Apple, Nike, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Facebook, Twitter. I am sure the colors immediately come to life in your mind as you read.

Take advantage of the power of colors like these brands in your workplace, as you have your logo. Let’s examine which colors are associated with what or what they feel in the form of a list. Also, office table decoration is very important for ease of operation.

2. Office Color Combination

Office color combination should be done with care for workplace decoration harmony. That is as follows, home office paint colors 2020 and the other office color matching

Red: Red-colored environments that activate the feelings of danger, courage, attention, and awareness keep the person alive and increase their energy. Red color also increases the feeling of hunger. So much so that large fast-food chains frequently use this color in their logos and restaurants.

• However, if you have a workplace in the catering industry, you should not make the whole shop and logo red, even if red causes hunger. You must ensure color harmony by using different colors.

Blue: It has calming, thought provoking and relaxing effects. People who look at the seas, lakes and sky see shades of blue. It is the color of peaceful environments. If you are decorating a cafe, you should definitely use blue color tones on accessories, sofa sets or a wall.

• The appetite suppressant properties of the blue color are also known. For this reason, dieters are recommended to eat with blue plates. If you are decorating a restaurant, you can stay away from the blue color.

Green: It is the color of health, peace and nature. It also gives people a sense of security. You can use it in store decoration in harmony with blue and purple colors.

Purple: It is a symbol of nobility, power, vanity and luxury. It is preferred in palaces and luxury spaces. It has an effect that activates emotions and pushes them to sensuality. Increases efficiency in working environments.

• You can easily use it in cafe, restaurant and store decorations. In addition to purple, you can also choose smoked, green and blue colors.

Yellow: Gives a feeling of joy, happiness, vitality and energy. It is the visible color of the sun. It has an attractive effect on itself. Yellow color makes you feel happier by providing the secretion of serotonin hormone. It is a color that has an effect on positive thinking.

• You can achieve color harmony by using tile color, black, green and gray in cafe and store decorations.

• It would be beneficial to prefer the yellow color in details instead of using it in the workplace decoration in a stifling way.

Orange: It is a color that attracts attention, creates a feeling of energy, happiness and joy. It creates an efficient working environment. Orange color is also thought to increase the feeling of hunger.

• You can easily use it to design a social and energetic environment for your customers in cafe decoration.

Pink: It gives a feeling of confidence, calmness and comfort. People do not get angry in environments where pink color prevails.

Gray: It is a color that expresses seriousness, formality and sensuality. You can use it in cafe and clothing store decorations.

If you have ever thought that using the right colors was limited to the logo of your brand, “Wherever you go wrong, it is profit.” We will talk about how to use these colors in your workplace decoration work.

• When we say use colors, we are not talking about filling the whole decoration with a single color. Don’t get me wrong. What we are talking about here is that you choose colors that are relevant to your brand and your work and that are compatible with each other and use them in a balanced way.

• To add vitality and depth to your workplace, you can make a niche work on a single wall and paint that wall with warm colors red and orange.

• If you have a small workplace, you should choose pebble stone color on the walls and light tones on the floor. You can enliven this workplace decoration work with colorful chairs and accessories.

• If you have a large workplace, you should prefer brown tones or white ceramics on the floor so that your customers and employees do not feel alone by creating a warmer and more reassuring environment.

• Black and brown furniture will allow you to create a serious atmosphere in your workplace.

3. Modern Office Design İdeas for Small Spaces

         Some elements must be fulfilled for a modern office ideas. The style of the furniture is another element that directly determines modernity. You can choose interesting furniture suitable for the size of your workplace and your industry.

For example, if you are a cafe operator, you can gain customers just by your comfortable and interesting furniture. Or, if you have a store, interesting wall designs in which you display clothes can make you a reason to choose.

4. Lighting Matters

 Lighting should be carefully selected for workplace decoration as in every area. Lighting products suitable for the sector you serve should be preferred. Also lighting of workplace is very important about small work office decorating ideas.Panel lighting should not be used in cafe decoration, as in offices or shoe stores.

• Floor lamps, lampshades, pendant and projector lighting should be preferred in cafe decoration.In clothing stores, products that want to stand out can be illuminated with projector lighting.You can get more ideas by browsing our Office arrangement ideas article we shared earlier.

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