Showing the toilet , which is typically one among the littlest areas of the house, stylish and spacious is really much easier than you think! If you would like to urge a toilet decoration that’s both useful and classy , you’ll take a glance at the suggestions we’ve prepared for you!

1. Prefer light colors

For an accurate bathroom design, you want to first choose the colours you’ll use. If you would like to possess a more spacious and clean look in your bathroom, you’ll choose light colors. If you’ve got a narrow space, you ought to avoid using patterned ceramics which will make your bathroom look smaller and more suffocating.

2. Bring the heat of wood to your bathroom

You can choose solid bathroom cabinets to realize a hotter and more natural look in bathroom decoration . you’ll get a trendy decoration style by combining solid cabinets, which you’ll prefer especially in large bathrooms, with wicker baskets and plants.

3. Add elegance to your walls

If you would like to travel beyond the classical, you’ll use water and moisture resistant wallpapers rather than ceramics on the toilet walls. For a more functional design, bathroom wall shelves are going to be the proper choice. you ought to not forget that you simply can add depth to your space by choosing these shelves, which permit you to store your belongings in an organized way, in geometric forms.

4. concentrate to the selection of lighting

Another important issue in bathroom decoration is that the right lighting selection. you ought to avoid over or under lighting and choose a lighting suitable for the dimensions of your space. For this, additionally to ceiling lighting , you’ll enjoy fluorescents placed on the sides of the mirror .

5. Supplement your decoration with accessories

If you would like to feature some movement to your bathroom that you simply designed with soft colors, you’ll use accessories in vibrant colors. you ought to lookout that decorative products like bath mats , towel holders , soap dispensers are pieces that complement the design . you’ll also make some time during this area far more enjoyable by placing wooden candle holders , incense holders or plants in your bathroom.



Curtains , one among the foremost important complements of decoration , are an important part for kitchens also as in every area of the house. so as to form this place where we spend most of our time stylish and functional, it’s vital to settle on the proper curtain model. If you would like to finish your kitchen decoration with an accurate and useful curtain, you’ll take a glance at the suggestions of İrem Aşkın Bora, one among the Vivense Interior Architects.

1. Choose curtains suitable for your space

When choosing a kitchen curtain, you ought to lookout to settle on a model suitable for the world of use. If you’ve got alittle kitchen, you’ll choose curtains in light tones which will make your space look wider than it’s . If you would like to possess a softer look, you’ll use soft cut curtains. In kitchens with large areas, you’ll address slightly more eye-catching designs. For this, you’ll choose shirred curtain models and add an aesthetic touch to your kitchen.

2. cash in of daylight

As in many areas of the house, it’s vital to form enough use of daylight within the kitchen. you’ll make the time you spend during this area far more productive by choosing tulle curtains , which can both illuminate your space during a natural way and add elegance to your decoration style with its soft appearance .

3. Choose functional designs

For a hygienic and safe kitchen design, choosing a dirt-proof and easy-to-clean zebra blind or window shade will provide you with great convenience. Zebra curtains, which are especially suitable for brief distances above the kitchen counter , also are very sensitive to heat.

4. Bring your kitchen to life

You can choose patterned curtains for a fun and lively kitchen design . Especially the fruit patterns that overlap with the kitchen theme will make the cooking and preparation process enjoyable and can allow you to urge an inspiring kitchen design .

5. Complete your style with rustic curtains

Rustic curtains with wood, metal and brass details are going to be the proper choice for those that want to feature a classy air to their kitchen. These curtain models , which are especially preferred in summer houses and country houses , will allow you to make an ingenious style with their natural appearance. Rustic curtain , which is usually preferred in country decoration style , is additionally an important piece for contemporary kitchen decorations .


If you would like an easy change in your bathroom, you’ll start with the toilet wall decoration. Going beyond the classical designs, the wallpapers you’ll prefer will add a contemporary atmosphere to your bathroom and can also assist you get a clean and practical space. If you would like to style a trendy bathroom , you’ll take a glance at the toilet wallpaper decoration suggestions prepared by Buse Doğu from Vivense Interior Architects.

Add a special Air to Your Bathroom

The first materials used for bathrooms, which are usually small and have limited space, are often ceramic or marble. you’ll change the entire atmosphere of the toilet by choosing wallpapers, which are a replacement and modern alternative to those materials, which are preferred so as to avoid damage from water contact in wet areas . Waterproof bathroom wallpapers and vinyl wallpapers will provide a trendy and practical solution for your bathroom while eliminating your worries.

Correct Color and Pattern Selection

If you’ve got a narrow bathroom, you’ll choose wallpapers in pastel tones to form your space look wider and more spacious than it’s . you’ll also add depth to your space with geometric patterned bathroom wallpapers. For an outsized bathroom, floral patterned wallpapers will assist you achieve a fun and heartwarming look in your bathroom.

Highlight one Area

Covering all the walls of the toilet with an equivalent wallpaper can make the space look a touch stifling. For this reason, it might be more accurate to use a wallpaper with the colour and pattern you would like during a single area that you simply want to spotlight . Especially if you’ve got a toilet with an easy decoration, choosing a wallpaper with vibrant colors during a single area will add movement to your space.

Combine Different Materials

If you would like to possess a more balanced look in your bathroom, you’ll combine the wallpaper you favor in warm colors with the cold look of ceramic. For this, you’ll apply wallpaper on a particular wall height and use ceramic-based materials on the lower parts. Thus, you’ll both make your bathroom look larger than it’s and add a special atmosphere to your bathroom.


It is vital that the doorway halls, which give the primary clues about the decoration sort of our house, have an inviting design. If you think that that you simply don’t have an outsized enough space to style a spacious and heartwarming hallway, you’ll create a trendy and spacious welcoming area, inspired by the narrow hallway decoration suggestions of Mehmet Zahid Özdemir, one among the Vivense Interior Architects!

1. Use light colors

One of the simplest ways to point out a narrow space wide is to use light colors within the space. you’ll have a larger-looking hallway by choosing white or pastel tones on your walls and furniture.

2. Choose the proper furniture

One of the most mistakes made when designing small spaces is to settle on furniture that’s not suitable for the space. If a narrow hallway to the present restricted area which will bring even greater unusable coat rack or cloakroom should avoid use. you’ll meet your storage needs with wall hangers or dumb butlers that take up less space and add elegance to your space with a minimalist design dresuar .

3. concentrate to the utilization of lighting

Entrances, often inaccessible to natural light, can become a dark and suffocating place if not properly lit. For this reason, you’ll create a spacious space perception with lighting that’s suitable for the dimensions of the space and shut to the natural light color .

4. Add depth to the space by using mirrors

You can add depth to your space by choosing mirrors, which are one among the most important saviors of narrow spaces . If you would like to feature a more artistic touch to the doorway decoration, you ought to not forget that you simply can create an equivalent effect with bright framed paintings.

5. Use wall shelves

Both the ornamental items also as you’ll play to satisfy the storage needs with shelves can move to the ground spaces. The asymmetrical designs that you simply will use on the light-colored walls will add an aesthetic appearance to the training.


Most of our lives are spent in our homes and that we all dream of a cushty home where we will relieve the tiredness of the day. Tiny House, which has been very fashionable in recent years, allows us to possess houses that are very efficient in small spaces. If you would like to possess a minimalist house which will meet your expectations perfectly and achieve maximum efficiency with less furniture , you’ll take a glance at the suggestions of Anıl Akdeniz from Vivense Interior Architects!

What is a small House?

Tiny House expresses minimal and environmentalist living spaces where you’ll get maximum efficiency with less furniture. These houses, which are especially preferred by those that want to be closer to nature and obtain faraway from the town , allow you to bring the peace you discover in nature to your home. If you would like to style a house in accordance with the small House philosophy, you’ll start by choosing materials that are compatible with nature and don’t harm the environment.

Tiny House Decoration

It is vital to incorporate functional furniture so as to use the space efficiently in Tiny Houses, which are quite small. Which at a minimum level in terms of width seats , wood detailed armchair on , simply designed furnishings feel the atmosphere of nature, both will help in using both space efficient will offer faraway from the mess and clean-cut appearance.

Small Space Furniture

It is vital that you simply use functional furniture that takes up little space in kitchen decoration. For this, you’ll choose kitchen tables that you simply can mount on the wall and chairs that take up little space made from natural materials .

An Eco-Friendly House

You can also use natural materials in lighting elements to feel the sustainability of nature in every area of the house. you’ll get a soft look with an easy and functional chandelier or lamp . additionally , giving an area to plants in your home, choosing a wicker or jute carpet is indispensable for a peaceful, calm and nature-friendly home design.


Balconies, which are one among the indispensable places of summer seasons, allow us to get a trendy lebensraum where we will enjoy the gorgeous weather. Making this space more enjoyable and classy is really much easier than you think! If you would like to style a trendy and pleasant balcony with small touches, you’ll take a glance at the balcony wall decoration suggestions of Birsen Topay, one among the Vivense Interior Architects.

1. Choose the proper wall color

For a pleasing balcony wall decoration, you ought to first choose the wall paint color. If you would like to feel the atmosphere of summer completely, you’ll choose a beach-like sand beige color otherwise you can bring the effect of the sky to your balcony with blue tones.

2. Break the memorizations

If you would like a more vibrant and colorful wall design on your balcony, you’ll choose patterned tile mosaics. For a more original wall style, you’ll also use the parquets that you simply have used on the ground thus far on the balcony walls. Thus, you’ll get a warm and friendly balcony decoration. For a more practical solution, you’ll try wallpapers in wood patterns. If you’ve got an open balcony, you ought to confirm that the materials you employ are waterproof.

3. Add an inventive touch to your walls

You can add an aesthetic touch to your balcony with tropical patterned framed paintings that match the atmosphere of the outdoors . additionally , the lanterns or sconces you favor will both meet your lighting needs and complete your decoration style in a chic way.


4. Bring the energy of green to your balcony

How about displaying your plants in wall pots ? Thus, you’ll both save space and feel the energy of green on the balcony walls. you ought to not forget that you simply can display your small flower pots on the wall shelves if you would like .


Plants are undoubtedly one among the foremost important complements of an honest decoration style. Sometimes it are often difficult to stay the plants alive and take time for his or her care, which both color the world and renew the energy of the environment. Succulents , which are very trendy in recent years , add an aesthetic touch to living spaces and supply simple care with their effortless care. If you would like to feature vitality to your home, you’ll take a glance at succulent types and care suggestions with the suggestions of Buse Naz Güner, one among the Vivense Interior Architects .

Succulents , which are frequently encountered both within the workplace and reception recently , are among the plants that are very easy to worry for, because of their ability to gather water in their leaves, stems and roots. There are thousands of species of succulents belonging to quite 25 plant families, which even have the feature of neutralizing the radiation within the environment. we’ve brought together the foremost preferred sorts of succulents and their care tips for you!


Echeveria, which is one among the foremost preferred species in homes and workplaces recently, may be a very stylish complement with its colors. you ought to confine mind that you simply should irrigate regularly in order that the soil is slightly moist within the summer, and you ought to reduce the watering within the winter and irrigate rarely.

Aloe vera

You should not expose it to direct sunlight while growing burn plant , which is one among the foremost preferred species in its habitat . Before watering, you ought to lookout to see the soil and if the soil is dry, you ought to concentrate to watering.

Senecio Rowleyanus

Senecio Rowleyanus, which adds dynamism to living spaces with its appearance, gives new roots from the places that touch the bottom and continues its growth, because it may be a climbing and spreading plant. When the roots of the plant get stronger and begin to grow, you’ll position it during a high place and make it suitable for sagging.

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Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana

This succulent species , like violet , adds a special beauty to homes with its vibrantly colored flowers. This species, which you’ll easily grow in your home, balcony and garden, is among the plants that need many sun. Since the necessity for water is low, it’ll be sufficient to irrigate every 7-8 days every week in summer and each 15-20 days in winter months.

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Haworthia Fasciata

It is one among the succulent species that needs the smallest amount water and maintenance . thanks to the low probability of harboring disease, it grows and multiplies during a healthy way for several years. the foremost suitable pot type for Haworthia Fasciata, which grows transversely because it’s dwarf , is brief and wide ones.

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How to Propagate Succulent?
Step 1

Carefully tear away the leaves of your succulents on the brink of the bottom and take care to not damage the stem while doing this.

step 2

Make sure there are not any leaves on the stem and with sterile scissors, cut the flowering a part of the succulents from the stem from which you took the leaves. As you continue together with your root watering routine, you’ll see new succulents forming.

Step 3

Leave the leaves you narrow and therefore the flowers you narrow in room conditions for 1 day then leave them on a moist soil.

Step 4

The tiny succulents that emerge within 2 weeks are going to be fed from the leaf they originally emerged from. once you see that the leaf rots over time, you’ll plant it within the ground.


While creating living spaces, tons of labor falls on the complementary parts also because the main elements. Coffee tables are one among the foremost important pieces that complete our decoration style. Correctly designed and properly positioned coffee tables can completely change the focus of living spaces once they are consonant with home style. If you would like to urge a trendy cocktail table decoration, you’ll take a glance at the suggestions of Azime Kaya from Vivense Interior Architects.

1. Choose a cocktail table suitable for the space

In order to settle on the proper cocktail table , you want to first make a choice that suits your area. For this, you’ll take care to settle on a cocktail table that’s two-thirds the dimensions of the seat ahead of you. If you’ve got alittle space, you’ll choose a glass cocktail table which will make your space look more spacious . If you would like to feature a touch more warmth to your home, solid coffee tables are going to be the proper choice.

2. Prefer functional designs

While adding elegance to your front room , you’ll choose cocktail table sets which will assist you easily host your guests, and you’ll also use the separated pieces as a nesting table or side table .

3. Complete your style with coffee tables within the right color and form

The form of the cocktail table you select is as important because the material and size. If you’ve got a corner sofa set, you’ll choose an oblong cocktail table . additionally , coffee tables in cubic form will look very harmonious together with your corner sofa. you’ll confirm that the colour of the cocktail table is consonant with the dominant color of the place otherwise you can choose contrasting colors.

4. Get support from decorative objects

You can get support from decorative objects while completing the middle table decoration. Your favorite magazines, candlesticks in several sizes, vases decorated with colorful flowers… For a more romantic design, you’ll complement the elegance of the cocktail table with pine cones or dry branches .