With the warming of the weather, the barbecue season has opened! Barbecue, which is an important activity especially in summer places, requires a touch of mastery also as fun. during this article, we’ve brought together tips which will be useful in barbecue meetings accompanying pleasant summer conversations. you’ll discover all the tricks of the barbecue with the suggestions of personal Chef Melike Hoşgelen!

Choosing the proper Barbecue

One of the foremost important details to think about when buying a barbecue is to make a decision on the proper barbecue size. it’s vital to settle on the proper barbecue consistent with the dimensions of the balcony, garden or terrace. does one have an outsized family? what percentage people does one decide to host? what percentage times every week does one want to barbecue? Your answers to those questions will directly affect the selection of barbecue. additionally , the very fact that the barbecue has wheels and a canopy will provide you comfort. having the ability to vary its place when necessary and controlling the temperature because of its cover will make your life easier.

Fuel Types

There are 3 differing types of barbecue: charcoal, gas and electric. generally , charcoal barbecues are preferred in terms of taste. If you’ve got a charcoal barbecue, you would like to form sure you employ the proper charcoal. The difference in flavor between any charcoal and therefore the charcoal suitable for your barbecue will surprise you!

Gas and electric barbecues fit perfectly into modern life because of their simple use. With this sort of barbecue, you’ll adjust the warmth just like the professionals, and if you employ the proper cooking techniques, you’ll get very delicious results. you’ll easily use gas and electric barbecues on your terrace and balcony, in short, in city life.

Right Heat and Right Time

We have to twiddling my thumbs once we barbecue. Whatever sort of meat or vegetables you’re cooking, your barbecue should be at the acceptable temperature.

You shouldn’t rush to start out cooking the ingredients before your barbecue is warm. If you’re employing a charcoal barbecue, the charcoal should become embers.
For delicious and juicy meats, you ought to take your meat out of the fridge 20-30 minutes before cooking and convey it to temperature .
You should ask a thermometer whether the meat is cooked or not. this is often how you recognize the proper time.
For thinly sliced meats like grilled entrecote, cutlet, you ought to cook for a brief time at high heat.
You will achieve the simplest grilling results when the interior temperature of lamb steaks and other pieces of lamb meat is 60 °C. If you’re cooking lamb chops, you’ll wrap the bone ends in aluminium foil in order that they don’t burn.
Internal breast temperature for chickens or turkeys is 75 °C; The temperature of the thickest a part of the thighs should be 80 ° C. While checking the temperature with a thermometer, you ought to not touch the bone. this may cause you to urge the incorrect result.
Since fish and seafood cook quickly, you ought to not leave the barbecue. you ought to confirm that you simply oil your fish well in order that the fish meat doesn’t stick with the wire.
Vegetables cook quickly at medium heat. That’s why it’s good to stay your eyes on the barbecue again!

Cooking and Smoking

You should definitely not play with the meat you place on the grill, and you ought to not move it an excessive amount of . Let the meat be sealed, without loss of water and flavor. If you progress it early, your meat may stick and disintegrate .

If you’re cooking a thick or boney meat, you’ll prevent heat loss by closing the lid.
You must rest your meat. After removing the thin-sliced meat from the hearth , you’ll rest it for a minimum of 2-3 minutes, and therefore the thicker pieces for a minimum of 10 minutes. during this way, the juice and flavors of the meat will disperse within the meat and can retain its moisture when cut.
After slicing the meat, you’ll season it with sea salt, freshly ground black pepper, dry or fresh spices and serve.
He can smoke his meat, chicken and vegetables with apple, cherry and plum wood chips; you’ll get delicious results because of the smoked flavors.
You can also grill fruits like pineapple, banana, and peach, serve with frozen dessert and shut the barbecue with a sweet ending!

Image credit: / Vincent Keiman
Cleaning and Maintenance of the BBQ

Before and after the barbecue, it’s vital for your health to concentrate to its care and cleaning. This maintenance also will extend the lifetime of the barbecue. you’ll easily clean the residues on your barbecue from the recent grill with special barbecue brushes. you ought to also clean and replace the oil collection containers regularly. you’ll clean the enamel and exterior barbecue parts with a special barbecue cleaner. you ought to clean the cast grill parts by hand, not put them within the dishwasher.