Vintage designs, which are the blending of the past with this , are one among the prominent decoration trends of each period. Frequently preferred in bedrooms, vintage designs create a nostalgic atmosphere by bringing natural textures and pastel colors to living spaces. If you would like to style a bedroom during a vintage style, you’ll take a glance at the decoration suggestions of Fatih Kaplan, one among the Vivense Interior Architects!

‘Vintage’ are often defined because the use of old items by blending them with today’s ideas. Vintage decoration style is typically amid old items and reflecting the characteristic features of a particular period to the decoration is a crucial detail.

1. Use pastel colors

If you would like to reflect the vintage decoration style in your bedroom, you’ll prefer pastel tones instead of lively and bright colors. Major colors; white, earth tones, pastel orange, green and blue tones. you’ll support this style with a vintage wardrobe, patterned carpets, pillows and tables.

2. Choose a metal or wooden bed frame

Vintage bedroom decoration metal iron can use a cot or a crib by choosing solid wood can complete the vintage style.

3. Strengthen your vintage style with details

You can use aged wood or rattan nightstands, consoles and vintage dressers to support your vintage style. If you’ve got enough space, you’ll add an armchair to a corner to relax or read a book and make a special area for yourself. you’ll support this space you created with wicker baskets and plants.

4. Refresh the space with mirrors and lightweight colors

If you would like to point out the space more spacious and wider, you’ll use vintage-inspired mirrors. If you favor an easier look in your living area, a white-dominated vintage bedroom decoration is for you!